‘Farmers Market’ is your newest aisle using FreshFocus Technology.

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With Amerlux®, shoppers come in for one item and leave with a dozen.

Here’s some food for thought…

70%-85% of purchase decisions are made once in the store and 85% of shoppers say color accounts for more than half of factors they consider in purchasing a product. Through the power of effective LED display lighting, color is the language of fresh with bold and vibrant hues signaling higher quality and stimulating appetite and impulse. Suddenly, the wild sockeye’s flesh takes on its natural deep pigmentation. The marbled Ribeye is tender with flavor. And the anthocyanins found in your homegrown berries have a vibrancy only seen under the afternoon sun. LED supermarket lighting provides warm, more vibrant hues, allowing you to replicate the sun’s natural illumination and accent individual colors on food.

With realized cost and energy savings, supermarkets around the world are optimizing their facilities’ produce departments with LED lighting technology. On average LEDs last more than 10 years, representing a savings in maintenance and replacement costs – allowing you to focus on an increased bottom line. Shoppers won’t always feed into the science of your supermarket’s carefully constructed planograms, but there’s one thing they can’t put back on the shelf – their instinct to take home the freshest quality food. Let your customers see your produce in the best light.

Delivering the Message of Fresh

Seeing is Believing

Noted LED lighting manufacturers, Amerlux and Lumileds, are partnering to deliver special lighting solutions for supermarkets. Using Lumileds’ FreshFocus Technology, Amerlux’s lighting systems accentuate the visual appeal of fresh foods.

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